Information for foreign guests visiting shooting events in Germany

1. You are allowed to bring six guns of EU categories B and C that are listed in your European Firearms Pass. You only need that Firearms Pass as permit.

2. Guns of category A can also be brought to Germany, if they are registered in an EU Firearms Pass, but additionally a permit of the local gun authorities (place where you cross the border to Germany) is required to do so. That permit must be applied for in advance.

3. Foreigners without European Firearms Pass do need a prior permit of the Germany gun authorities in each instance.

4. If you are legally allowed to bring a gun, you are also allowed to bring ammunition.

5. Removable magazines for guns and guns with permanently installed magazines with high capacity, i.e. such that can hold more than 10 cartridges (long guns) or 20 cartridges, (handguns) are prohibited in Germany. For measuring the capacity, you need to consider the smallest cartridge you can fit into those magazines by manufacturer’s specification. Obtaining a special permit by the ‘Bundeskriminalamt’ is the only legal way of bringing high cap magazines to Germany.

6. Violating the rules in no. 1 to 5 is punishable by imprisonment up to 5 years.

BDS 1975 e.V., 2024
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